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Global Ambassador-Programm der WCCBT

Workshop mit Prof. Paul Gilbert

Der Workshop mit Prof. Paul Gilbert zum Thema "Introduction to compassion focused therapy (CFT)” findet am 04. Dezember 2023 von 10:00 – 13:15 Uhr online statt.

Das "Global CBT Ambassador Program" ist eine Initiative der World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (WCCBT). Die European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) beteiligt sich am Programm mit dem oben genannten Workshop. Die DGVT ist Mitglied in der EABCT und daher erhalten Teilnehmende eine reduzierte Teilnahmegebühr in Höhe von 45 Euro.

Weitere Informationen zum Workshop: Link zur Workshop-Ausschreibung

06. November 2023

Global CBT Ambassador Program


The Global CBT Ambassador program is a WCCBT initiative designed to meet several of the objectives of the WCCBT. These include:

  • To support the development and profile of cognitive and behavioural therapies (CBT) and therapists worldwide
  • To promote and advocate for mental health, CBT, and evidence-based treatments for psychological disorders and to improve wellbeing around the globe
  • To develop and support effective implementation of CBT through training.

The activity of the Global CBT Ambassador program is to identify ambassadors in the field of CBT and to provide a forum in which they can share their knowledge and expertise to the world.

The WCCBT invites each regional member organization to organize and host at least one Global CBT Ambassador event (lecture, panel discussion, clinical round table, workshop, master class, clinical grand rounds etc.) each year.

The WCCBT invites each regional member organization to name a mental health professional(s) each year whose work the organization believes is deserving of global attention and will invite the named professional to conduct a Global CBT Ambassador event. The professional could be someone who has made sustained contributions, is mid-career and has made noteworthy contributions, or who has a particular innovation but is quite early in their career.  Member associations are encouraged to consider the potential characteristics of a ” Global CBT Ambassador” broadly while maintaining diversity among speakers with regard to but not limited to gender, race, country of origin, sexual orientation, and age. The WCCBT is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Global CBT Ambassadors may speak on any topic as approved by them and/or their regional membership organization.

Global CBT Ambassadors may present to students or professionals in any discipline, consumers, organizations, agencies, schools, or any other audience.

The Global CBT Ambassador event may be in person, remote, or hybrid, as determined by the speaker and the membership organization. If live, the presentation may be hosted at a university, conference or any other location. If virtual, the speaker event may live streamed or be recorded and accessed for a modest fee on an ongoing basis.

The Global CBT Ambassador event may be presented in a language chosen by the regional membership organization.

The Global CBT Ambassador event may be organized as part of a local, national or regional conference or other event organized by the regional member organization or its national members.

Global CBT Ambassador events will be paid events and all profits from the event will go to the WCCBT for fulfillment of its objectives. However, the price may be set by the speaker and/or the membership organization sponsoring the event.

Speakers will provide their services to the WCCBT on a pro bono basis and will not receive a speaker fee for any presentation as part of this program.

The member organization will be required to manage the logistics, host the event, and collect and submit fees. Or, as an option, ABCT has also kindly offered to host any virtual events, and has the ability to process access for a modest fee, which would need to be set.

The member organisation will not charge a fee to the WCCBT for organising the event, although they may recover costs associated with the event (eg. venue hire). They may also co-badge, or co-host, the event with the WCCBT.

Global CBT Ambassadors and the membership organization sponsoring the event will be listed on the WCCBT webpage as part of the Global CBT Ambassador program so that the  ambassadors and their work can be recognized, and possibly used as a stimulus for other similar work elsewhere in the world. Once the speaker events are set, the WCCBT will also promote the events and people honored who are named as Global CBT Ambassadors.  Virtual events that are recorded may also be placed on the WCCBT website via its You Tube channel.

The WCCBT looks forward to working with its member organizations to disseminate CBT in order to promote health and wellbeing, and to support the development and profile of cognitive and behavioural therapies (CBT) and therapists worldwide.